Debi Stickeler MA, CPC Individual and Relationship Coach

Moving Beyond Betrayal

Finding Your Power!

Betrayal is heartbreaking!   The actions are devastating and it feels like the person you thought you once knew no longer exists. But.. unlike a death.. this person is still around!  Your trust suddenly crumbles, your reality has been undermined and you are now coping with the awareness of being completely hoodwinked. I know how devastating it initially feels but I promise you there is a light at the end of this tunnel! With time, support and willingness I assure you these feelings will fade, and you will move beyond this!

Now, there is no question it feels overwhelming and gut-wrenching when you trust someone who turns out to be untrustworthy.  You begin to question yourself and your ability to make decisions about anything but how you choose to handle this experience can actually help you feel more powerful than you ever have before!

Nothing is more rewarding than moving from feeling like a victim to feeling invincible.  Choose to use your energy to rise to this level of power regardless of these circumstances.  I promise you nothing is more satisfying.

Reach out for my support! I have been through it and have so much to offer to help propel you forward!   Allow yourself to feel your worth and take back your power! 

Remind yourself how incredible you are!  You deserve it!



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